MEET sarahy

I’d like to call myself a self-taught Makeup Artist. I’ve been interested in make up since I was a child – from watching my mother put lipstick on to getting curious with a pink make up palette. As a teenager, I enjoyed doing my friends makeup any chance I got. My interest increased in 2013 when I started watching endless YouTube tutorials. I began practicing on my relatives to test the different techniques I was learning and began developing my own as my skills progressed. It’s been 6 years and I couldn’t be any happier with my career. I enjoy brightening up clients’ days for any occasion and further enhancing their beauty with makeup. My future goal includes becoming an esthetician. I would love to help people improve their skin to their liking. Taking care of your skin plays a big role when applying makeup; makeup lays flawlessly when your skin is hydrated and well taken care of. I hope to gain more knowledge and provide all these services to my lovely clients! Aside from being prideful in my journey throughout this industry, I am also a proud mother of three beautiful kids.